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Engage your clients with this proven retention vehicle. Published monthly, realtyreport® is expertly written and customized, professionally designed, and emailed on your behalf directly to your selected client base.

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E-Newsletter with Email Delivery
  • Send us your email mailing list
  • We'll get your e-Newsletter and Landing Page Website design started for you
  • Every month, we'll deliver the personalized e-Newsletter to your clients
  • Use the Editor any time to update your message, listings and check engagement
Social Media E-Newsletter
  • We'll get your Landing Page Website design started for you
  • Authorize RealtyReportOnline to post to your Social Media accounts
  • Every month, we'll post new articles to your website
  • Every day, we'll post an Article Summary and thumnail photo to your social media feeds with a link
  • Use the Editor any time to update your landing page web site.

Made for the modern Web
  • We created a responsive, modern, great-looking Email Newsletter and Landing Page Website
  • We integrated with the most popular Social Media platforms
  • Our platform is focussed on delivery reliability, sender reputation, and spam law compliance to make sure your emails get through
  • Our Editor gives you the flexibility to customize the look of your Email and Landing Page
RealtyReport E-News

Social Media integration for realtyreport®

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Automatically send your followers links to your Realty Report articles
  • Social Media posts go out every day.
  • Customize the post times and send out multiple times a day if your feed is busy
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The realtyreport® e-Newsletter

  • Clean modern design
  • "Responsive" email and website — the same content looks great on mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • High resolution images for Retina and High-DPI displays
  • Tested on all major email and browser platforms
  • Every email has 4 Featured Articles from the current Newsletter
  • Social Media widgets
  • Video Widgets
  • Listings
  • Add any kind of content you want
  • Multiple ways to heighten your branding:
    • Use one of our bold new variable Mastheads
    • Use one of our branded mastheads
    • Use a completely custom masthead
  • Every email individually personalized for your recipients with a "Hello" callout
  • Built-in "Unsubscribe" functions for privacy and spam law compliance
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RealtyReport E-News


We offer lots of options for brand customization in the e-Newsletter Masthead.


12 professional photos of beautiful condo and home interiors.


12 vibrant images of seasonal nature scenes and still lifes.


Choose from a variety of branded mastheads to help you achieve a more customized look

Landing Page Websites

This is where your clients read the articles. The same masthead and contact info section from your e-Newsletter appear here, as well as a Contact Us form and a Subscribe form, to allow you to bring in potential prospects to stay in touch and up to date.

Vivian's Website Sample
Vivian Gelesz | visit

Vivian uses the Red theme, and has chosen the Seasonal Variable Masthead.

Vivian's Site
Courtney's Website Sample
Courtney Brown | visit

Courtney's site features the Interiors Variable Masthead and the Standard Theme.

Courtney's Site
Monika's Website Sample
Monika Tse | visit

Monika has chosen one of the Custom Branded Mastheads, with a theme to match her colours.

Monika's Site

All-New E-News Builder & Editor

Neighborhood Newsletter

The new E-News Builder is easy to use, powerful and flexible. We'll get you started with a new e-Newsletter and website, then you can make the changes yourself, 24/7. (Don't worry — if you don't have the time, we offer customization services.)


  • Video Content — Drop in a Video content block and paste in the Youtube or Vimeo URL
  • Social Icons — Choose from dozens of Social Media Icons in a variety of color schemes
  • Realty Listings — Drag & drop photos & easily style your description with the editor toolbar
  • Instant Preview — Instantly view how your e-Newsletter looks on a Desktop or Mobile
  • Custom Anything — Create new sections in your e-Newsletter and add any kind of custom content you like

Content is King

The heart of a great e-Newsletter is the content. We have you covered.

Every month, we publish over a dozen new articles that will interest all your subscribers. Every e-Newsletter goes out with 4 featured articles that click back to a branded landing page, with links back to your home page, as well as a Contact Us form.

Along with the current issue, we maintain a back catalogue of the 5 previous issues, so there's plenty of content you can link to.


When you subscribe, just choose from the selection of article versions you want your clients to get. We offer standard articles for everyone, as well as Condo, Single Family Homes and Recipe articles.

We also have lots of great local content for major Canadian real estate markets, including:

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Victoria
  • Vancouver Island
  • Okanagan Valley
  • Fraser Valley
  • Hamilton/Burlington
  • Ottawa

Finally, for Mortgage professionals, we offer both Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banks versions.

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